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It really is like Christmas in July for us this year!

Outbid by the Boss, our first Stephanie Browning Romance, is now available on Kobo and Kindle, and we are over the moon with excitement!

But what a journey it has been.

From the euphoria of writing together as Stephanie Browning to the decision to become “indie authors”, the past few months have been the writers’ equivalent of a Grand Prix.  Full of twists and turns as we developed the Stephanie Browning brand and learned how to navigate the world of online publishing.

Even with lots of help from friends and family, we’ve had a few stumbles.  I’ve posted comments in the wrong place, possibly been banned from an online writers’ group (a totally innocent gaffe, I swear!), and Susan has been known to “answer” her Kindle thinking she was finally getting a word in edgewise.

Outbid by the Boss

Outbid by the Boss

Which is not really a surprise; with the 49th parallel and three time zones between Susan’s house and mine, ours is truly a long-distance collaboration.  And we love it!

The ink is barely dry on Outbid by the Boss, and already we talking about cover art for Undone by the Star, our next Stephanie Browning Romance set in England; only this time, the focus is all London with a drop-dead gorgeous American movie star and a strong-willed independent woman who refuses to settle for anything less than the real deal.

As always, research is required, which is why Susan will be waving at me from 30,000 feet in the air as she flies overhead en route to Heathrow.  Hopefully, she’ll be taking her Kindle with her.  I anticipate we’ll be on the phone plotting our next move!

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