Making Up is Hard to Do

By Anne Stephenson & Susan Brown writing as Stephanie Browning

If she’d known Jack Rutherford would walk back into her life, more ruggedly handsome than the day he left, Nicki Hamilton would never have agreed to run the small-town accounting firm of Gammage & Associates for the summer. She would have stayed in Toronto and left the past where it belonged.

A committed loner at thirty-four, Jack is finding everything about the lakeside community of Bedford County tantalizingly familiar. Including the pithy Miss Hamilton…but the timing isn’t right. The Bedford Inn, once owned by his grandfather, is now Jack’s, and what he really needs is an accountant.

Resisting the urge to throw Jack out of her office when he doesn’t immediately recognize her, Nicki hides her fury and takes the job. Jack’s plan to refurbish the Inn intrigues her. Besides, he owes her. Big time. For fifteen years of silence, a dozen unanswered letters, and one broken teenaged heart.


“The rest of the world can just wait when you’re reading a Stephanie Browning romance!” Alice Best Jackson

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Outbid by the Boss

Book one in our “London trilogy!”

Outbid by the Boss

Business turns personal in Outbid by the Boss when Chas Porter catches his senior appraiser bidding on an antique candlestick that rightfully belongs to him!  Samantha Redfern should be in New York, not flying solo at an estate auction north of London.But this is no ordinary candlestick; it’s the perfect mate to the only possession of worth Sam’s beloved grandparents took when they fled England.  What she doesn’t know is that it’s part of a much larger collection Chas will do almost anything to recover.  Even if it means insisting the delectable Miss Redfern accompany him to Porter Hall…

“A tale of passion, obstinacy and grandeur with more than a hint of intrigue!  I loved it!”  Carol E. Vidal

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Undone by the Star

Book two in our “London trilogy!”

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As heir-apparent to one of London’s most exclusive hotels, Alexis Kirkwood is determined to uphold the family tradition.  But when American film star Marc Daniels saunters through the lobby of The Sadler Hotel, sparks fly.

First, she mistakes him for a plumber in his scruffy jeans and work boots.  And then her grandmother, The Sadler’s matriarch, plays matchmaker.  When she learns Marc shares her late husband’s passion for military history, she insists Alex take him to Portobello Road.

Although romance is clearly not on the agenda, Marc finds himself confiding in the prickly Miss Kirkwood.  He is tired of being typecast as a Hollywood action hero, and has come to England to direct his first film.  As they prowl the antique markets hunting for a particular lead soldier, a surprising intimacy develops…

“Vivid imagery, engaging characters and teasing promise…you had me at Chapter One!”  Nina Durfee

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About Stephanie Browning

Like any heroine worth her salt (and a second look), our alter ego is strong, sexy, and passionate — with an independent streak a mile long and a killer smile.  That she’s a teensy bit on the stubborn side is nothing more than an endearing characteristic that keeps her focused on the job at hand…writing books for readers who love romance.

As Stephanie Browning, we have taken on a whole new persona, one part Anne Stephenson and one part Susan Brown, and it’s very liberating!  We can dare to dream and make those dreams come true for our fictional characters…and for us!

 Anne & Susan