Stephanie Browning Unbuttoned


Why contemporary romance?

Shoes and beadsWe love romance and we love romance in the here and now – the possibilities that exist for all of us, no matter who we are.  That means a modern world with modern women.  We want to capture their passion and put it on the page, but only if it’s driven by love.  In a Stephanie Browning romance, you’ll find the bedroom door only slightly ajar…for now.


How do you choose your settings? 

Stephanie Browning’s world is a large and exciting adventure.  With ties on both sides of the Atlantic, our passports, and therefore, Stephanie’s, are well-stamped.  Whether it’s a daffodil springtime in London or a musty-sweet harvest in the vineyards of the new world, we want to share the locales we love as the backdrop for Stephanie Browning’s romances.  No matter where our travels take us, we’ll be on the look-out for new and intriguing settings to bring back to Stephanie’s readers.


So how do you write together?

With a lot of laughter, angst and “what if…”.  While we’re still not living in the same city (let alone the same country or even the same time zone), we do visit whenever, and wherever possible, even if it’s just for a quick coffee at Paddington Station!

But when it comes to writing together, we’ve tried it all – alternating chapters, scenes or each writing from the point of view of a particular character, until we developed a method that works for us.  We get together, usually on the phone, to discuss what our heroine is about to do, which one of us is going to write what, and when we’re going to deliver.  Our deadlines (which allow for our other commitments) are sacrosanct.  We rewrite each other’s scenes and we edit and revise together in marathon sessions, scrutinizing every line, every word, and every heartfelt sigh – until our hero and heroine live and breathe on the page.


What’s next for Stephanie Browning?

With Outbid by the Boss and Undone by the Star already capturing readers’ hearts, we’re breaking new ground on this side of the Atlantic with a steamy story of lovers reunited!

The first in a series set in the lakeside community of Bedford County, Making Up Is Hard To Do will leave you wanting more…

Because love isn’t just for city folk, it’s for small-town girls, too!